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Factors Affecting the Destination Selection of Domestic Tourists after COVID-19: A Case Study of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province in China

Domestic tourism is very important for the economic interests of China. After the COVID-19, the Chinese government focus on restoring tourism and has announced policies that allow domestic tourists to travel across provinces since mid-July 2020 to ensure safety. The government expect these policies would encourage domestic tourism and promote the recovery of domestic tourism. The result found that after COVID the respondents pay more attention on contactless service at destination, free cancellation service, alcohol, gel and other immunization supplies at destination, and new infections in the destination than before COVID. After COVID the people more concerned about the safety and security than before COVID. This study aims to investigate and compare the important selection criteria consider by Chinese tourists before and after COVID-19 case study of Quanzhou city, Fujian Province. Keywords - COVID-19, China, Domestic Tourism, Destination Selection, Compare Selection Criteria.