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Parking Strategy for Institutional Area (A Case Study – IP Estate, New Delhi)

Development of any Institutional area should include provisions for circulation and parking space. The provision for parking spaces for Institutional area is not based on a policy, but it is derived from certain norms and best practices. There is a need to develop appropriate parking policy to achieve a desire between the demand and supply characteristics. A review on master plan policy, national urban policies and other best practices have come up with certain parking policies related to Landuse on Institutional area. In India, norms and policy are concentrated towards commercial and residential areas; Delhi Master Plan has come up with parking policies for Landuse on Institutional area. So, it is preferred to study and evolve certain standards on this type of Landuse as it facilities with parking in more details for Institutional area context. Keywords - Central Business District (CBD), Landuse, Parking, Public Transport, Trips