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A Post-Project Evaluation of the Tarred Road Project on the Livelihood of Local Residents: A Case Study of Malamulele Region in Vhembe District

Abstract - There is poor post-project evaluation of road infrastructure development projects in South Africa’s rural settlements. Therefore, there is lack of feedback on the impact such developments have on rural communities. This negatively impact future development policies in these communities due to uninformed and uncoordinated inter-departmental initiatives. With a clear post-project evaluation framework, rural livelihoods are likely to improve. This study sought to investigate the impacts of tarred road on the livelihood of Malamulele local residents in Vhembe District. The tarred road under study stretches 7.7km from Punda Maria into the village and back to the Punda Maria. The research’s major aim was to investigate how the tarred road project has impacted the livelihoods of the residents of Malamulele region in Vhembe District. The secondary objectives were to examine livelihoods prior to the tarred road project, assess the post project livelihoods of the residents and lastly to make recommendations on how to maximise the benefits from the tarred road while minimising threats and risks. The study took an approach of a case study as the methodology. It made use of mixed methods to collect data whereby both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. The primary data was gathered through questionnaires consisting of both opened and closed ended question and were distributed to 110 local residents of Malamulele region. The researcher ensured that the consent of the participants is obtained prior to collecting data. This was done by presenting participants with adequate information about the research study and their rights as participants so that they can make an informed, voluntary and fair decision to engage in the study. The study found that residents are partly satisfied with the impacts of the road as some of their initial issues were not addressed. The study revealed that the community still struggles with public transport and is paying higher transport fares in order to access shops and social infrastructures. On the positive side, the community has found the road to be beneficial in terms of accessibility during rainy season, and dust has also been eliminated. Keywords - Project Management, Post Project Evaluation, Livelihoods, Tarred Road, Road Infrastructure.