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A Comparative Study Of Structural Dimentions Of Public And Private Universities And Organizational Health

Through the study we examined the relationship between structural dimensions and types of universities; public and private. Another purpose of the study is to examine a relationship between organizational health of universities and triple dimensions of a structure that is centralization, complexity and formalization. Statistic population of the study includes managers, staff (i.e. members of faculty board and official personnel) of the public and private universities. The research methodology is description- survey, Samples were randomly chosen in two groups of managers and staff. Measurement tools are two standard questionnaires. Results showed there is a significant difference in the degree of universities organizational health but organizational health is at normal level. The research also showed generally universities organizational structure is at an average level of bureaucracy however there is no significant difference in the degree of complexity and formalization dimensions. Keywords- structural dimensions, organizational health, public university, private university,Index