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Environment Friendly Eco-Tourism And Sustainability Of Natural Resources

Tourism had been done for various reasons since times ago. Tourism in Iran, with its concurrent meaning, was started since 1950s, as eco-tourism helps personal characteristics development and understanding of cultures. Also Islam mentions surfing in the nature, as a cerebration for knowledge-seekers. Eco-tourism, which was an entry into global lexicon since 1970s and has doubled its lead before tourism annually, is considered a branch of tourism and means taking purposeful and responsible trips into nature. Among various alternatives of tourism; eco-tourism with saving environment, requiring the development of societies and respecting cultural elements are the best ones to have the best compatibility with the concept of stability. Hill tourism, migration tourism, naturopathy, sea sports and hunting are considered as examples of eco-tourism, and elevated mountains, Urmia’s lake, northern forests, rivers, spas and etc. for the natural sight-seeing spots of Iran. Conserving the biodiversity and participation in social welfare are aims of eco-tourism. Also helping local economy, environmental culture are the positive impacts, and destroying the environment and plant and animal spices are the negative impacts of eco-tourism. Well-organization, proper planning, local people’s participation and education are the key facts for saving eco-tourism and its stability. The Environment Protection Agency has difficult duties for application of The Act No. 50 of the constitution in accordance with sustainable development program. The aim of this research is to have a brief review of eco-tourism, and lack of specific responsible and management weakness is the result of it. Keywords- Tourism In Nature, Eco-Tourism, Eco-Tourism Stability, The Environment And Natural Resources Protection, Local Societies’ Sustainability.