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WEBQUEST: A Platform For TV Edutainment Shows As Materials For English For Medical Purposes

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), or simply the Internet, has recognizably become a distinguished agent of all fields of education. The leap made by the availability and usefulness of specialized knowledge websites nowadays has compelled both educators and learners to rely heavily on ICT in teaching and learning. English language teachers and learners who teach or learn the language for specific purposes (ESP) can resort to websites based on the specific knowledge they pursue to develop both specific knowledge and language acquisition, according to the content-based instruction. In this paper, I attempt to show an example of how an edutainment medical TV show, with a particular focus on video synopses available online, can be used through a Webquest for English for Medical Purposes (EMP). The Webquest I present makes use of and depends solely on “The Doctors” show website, on which loads of videos are uploaded. Webquest is used here as a platform through which knowledge can be organized, facilitated, and structured according to specific needs and purposes. As it relies on a TV show, the content of which is available online, such a webquest can combine the assets of both TV and Internet as two prominent education aids and mediums. Index Terms- English for Specific (Medical) Purposes (ESP/EMP), Internet, TV edutainment shows, videos.