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Analyzing The Impact Of Literature Review, Plagiarism, And Reference Management Software On Academic Research Productivity

The aim of this paper is to analyzing the impact of literature review, plagiarism, and reference management software on academic research productivity. The aim of this study was achieved by analyzing models on the perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and the acceptance level. Data was analyzed using WarpPLS 5.0 version. Two theoretical frameworks, namely Technology Acceptance Model and Training Needs Assessment Model was used in this study. This study was experimental based and was conducted at a public university in South Africa. A total of 30 (10 participants for the Literature Review Software, 10 participants for the Turnitin Software, and 10 participants for the EndNote Software) participants participated in this study and the results of the study indicated that acceptance level has the highest impact on the academic productivity followed by perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Index Terms— Academic, Models, Research Productivity, Software.