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Integrating An Action Role-Playing Game Into An Ancient Chinese Prose

The purpose of this research is to build a role-playing game system based on ancient Chinese prose to help students increase their learning of ancient Chinese prose through the exploration of the game tasks. Apart from other roleplaying games, we put more emphasis on the enhancement of learning interests and integration of different game elements into our system, inclusive of an avatar system, whack-a-mole game, scrabble game, simulation game and so on. In the portion of content design of our game, we designed game elements based on the feedback from the expert interviews on different versions of Chinese textbooks. The system design was conducted in two stages: (1) system planning, and (2) system construction. In the first stage, we collected questionnaire data from30 junior high school students to investigate their perception of learning ancient prose. In addition, we regarded preferences toward games from students as our design principles. In the stage of system construction, we invited the same students to test our game prototype in order to improve our game system. Moreover, we investigated the interests towards ancient prose from them through evaluation to improve the mechanism of our game. Given that statistic results, we can conclude that an average value of students’ satisfaction questionnaire on the game system based on ancient Chinese prose is 5.48 out of 7. It shows that this game system brings a positive influence to students. To sum up, this research aims to enhance learning motivation and knowledge gains of ancient Chinese prose in the situation of self-directed learning through our implanted system. Keywords- Information and Learning Technology, Game-Based Learning, Language Learning, Motivation, Engagement.