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The Famous Athletes Contribution To The Most Known Sports Brands

With fast growth of sports industry the biggest sports brands are finding innovative ways of investment into the promotion of their products by engaging the worlds famous athletes as their protective faces/endorsers. Sports brand equity, which company accomplishes from products with distinctive name, increases the market value of a certain product and popularity of athlete who promotes it. In the focus of interest are the famous athletes, by achieving top results on the sports field, their existing image and carisma thatattracts the public, as well as sports legal entities which are the basis of business success.Athletes who promote certain sports brand are obligated by contracts with sports companies they cooperate with. Mentioned commitments are primarly related to their public behavior and achived sports results in a given time period. The aim of this paper is to research which male and fimale athletes in the World are the highest-paid, sports companies they promote, revenues they earned, and advantages and disadvantages their endorsements brings to sports brands. Index Terms- earnings, endorsement, famous athletes, sports brands, sports companies