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Mobile Health Applications With Smart Phones

The increase of mobile phones usage in the recent years has caused the raise of using mobile applications, as well. Portability of smart phones, being able to provide services 7/24 and beginning mobile technology utilization in the health sector are important reasons to cause a rise in using mobile health applications. Mobile health applications are both used for following chronic diseases and following medical conditions of people, as well as monitoring their state of health. The aim of this study is to reveal whether or not the issue of costumer’s usege of the mobile health applications through the smart phone differs in terms of demographic features. The data has been collected via questionnaire method to reach this aim. The T-Test and AnovaTest have been applied to the collected data. It has been revealed that the use of mobile health applications through smart phones has shown some differences in terms of demographic features. Keywords- Mobile Health, Smart Phone, M-Health Applications, Service, Turkey.