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Fruit Harvesting-Techno Commercial Analysis

Considering the post harvesting priorities across the globe which has evolved from exclusively technical to more focus to consumer demand. The factors responsible for the consumer driven trends are incomes in urban areas, changing dietary habits, increase in working women population which shortens time for preparing meal and concerns on quality, and convenience and other factors are urbanization, globalization and the objective to enhance efficiencies to reduce costs has significantly contributed to the change in priorities and modify the demography of fresh produce sector. Increase in human population has continued to create the demand in fresh as well as processed horticultural products. To meet these local demands and as well as the export market facilitating both quality and safety in domestic and export supply chains. In order to respond to domestic consumer and market demand, capacities to be developed across the region and to avert the risk of large numbers of small farmers becoming marginalized. Governing agency in the domestic region has to ensure the development of a vision on postharvest sector and facilitate activities within the sector in order to realize that vision. Keywords— Fruit Harvester, Postharvest losses, Mechanical Harvester.