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Digitalisation: A Probable Way to Stress Management For Working Women

Digitalisation means integration of digital technologies into everyday life. In the present scenario, digitalization led to change the life style of working women in a great deal. Now a days, she can accomplish her various tasks in a single click of button at a time. On one hand, she is an expert cook and caring mother & on other hand she plays a vital role as a CEO of a firm or a successful entrepreneur. It is happened only due to Digitalization of world at all. Now, she can devote enough time to her family and children and balanced work & home front both properly. The present research article is about changing scenario of women life style from offline mode to online mode to support work life balance in a better way. It shows how women in this era accomplished her all task without dependency of other. The data source used in the article is purely secondary in nature and the research is descriptive in nature. The digitalization can be used as a tool to support the work life balance especially for women and can be recognized in a way to support to reduce stress. Keywords- Digitalisation, stress, working women, online purchasing