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Management Information System For Performance Evaluation of Organization, Based on the Balanced Scorecard Method

The questions are: how and why managers are unresponsive to management information systems and does management information system really affect organization? Management information systems are unified system of users and machines to provide information in support of the operations, management and decision-making in the organization. Balanced Scorecard as a performance measurement system that was proposed by Kaplan and Norton in 1992, by translating the vision and strategy of the organization to understandable expressions prevent different impressions by aligning individual and organizational goals to help the successful implementation of the strategy. The aim of the present study is applied in terms of objective and descriptive-analytic in term of methodology. Given that, library approach was used to investigate the effect of management information systems on the balanced scorecard. The results of the present study suggested that in the present era information management system is more essential than ever for survival of an organization and has many effects on the organization. In addition, very important effects of management information system (economic and structural effects) on the balanced scorecard (financial, customer, internal processes, learning and development) are examined and effects such as lowering the cost, reduction in the time, empowering human resources, flexibility, improvement in decision-making and so on can be noted. A model was proposed that managers could use it for quick profitability and competition in competitive markets that is aimed at any organization. Index terms- Management information system, economic effects, Structural effects, Balanced Scorecard, Financial, Customers, Internal processes, Learning and development.