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Roles of Periodic Markets in Urban Lifestyle: A Case Study of Asokemontri Road, A Central Business District in Bangkok, Thailand

This research aims to explore the roles of periodic markets in an urban area in relation to consumers’ urban lifestyle. A periodic market on Asokemontri Road, located in a Central Business District (CBD) in Bangkok, was chosen as a case study. Questionnaire administration was the main technique in this research. The questionnaires were administered in the form of a face-to-face interview with 400 respondents, who had previous experience of shopping at the periodic market. Results from this research can be discussed in three aspects. First, a periodic market is normally well-organised, located either indoor or outdoor. Types of goods/products sold in the market range from low-order goods to medium-order goods. The second is the consumer’s shopping patterns. The main reasons why people shop at periodic markets are good location and easy access. Other variables such as products, market operation and management, and service aspects are also taken into account. The third is the role of periodic markets in Bangkok CBDs and consumer’s lifestyle. The research found that the roles of periodic markets in urban lifestyle are local food stores as well as local shopping-pleasure destinations. In the conclusion, this research will discuss how periodic markets contribute to the driving of local and SMEs economies. Keywords: Periodic Market, Urban Lifestyle, Consumers Behaviour, Retailing, Bangkok